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Slower – SITTING POSITION: hands by your sides and feet together

Faster – LYING POSITION: ankles and arms crossed

Kiddies Slides – small children only, supervised by parent or guardian

Twister (East Slide) – parents may take children with them, lying or sitting position allowed

Tunnel Slide – single sliders only, lying position only

Tubes – sitting in tube only, one person per tube, no chaining

Six foot drop slide for experienced sliders only

Bonzai – sitting position only, may become airborne off of humps

Freefall – sitting position only

Lazy Canal – no single tubes allowed, no diving

Hot Tub – no food or drink allowed, no smoking, children must be accompanied by an adult

We Do Not Allow.. Sunflower Seeds, Pets, Glass Containers, Alcoholic Beverages, or Barbecues into The Waterpark

Box 938 Carlyle SK, Canada S0C 0R0
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