Due to COVID we will be closed until further notice.

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Slower - SITTING POSITION: hands by your sides and feet together

Faster - LYING POSITION: ankles and arms crossed

Kiddies Slides - small children only, supervised by parent or guardian

Twister (East Slide) - parents may take children with them, lying or sitting position allowed

Tunnel Slide - single sliders only, lying position only

Tubes - sitting in tube only, one person per tube, no chaining

Six foot drop slide for experienced sliders only

Bonzai - sitting position only, may become airborne off of humps

Freefall - sitting position only

Lazy Canal - no single tubes allowed, no diving

Hot Tub - no food or drink allowed, no smoking, children must be accompanied by an adult

We Do Not Allow.. Sunflower Seeds, Pets, Glass Containers, Alcoholic Beverages, or Barbecues into The Waterpark

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